WW2 Service Record of RAF Pilot Allan Gent (1079136)

This website shows the WW2 Service Record of my father, Allan Gent.  Allan was born in 1920 and worked in the railway industry before joining the RAF in 1940. He was one of the many RAF Pilots trained in the USA under the famous "Arnold Scheme".

He went on to serve his country as a Ferry Pilot in India where he tested new aircraft arriving from England and flew many of them to Burma. He flew 40 different types of aircraft but the most hours were done in Hurricanes.

I have published this site because he took a few photographs of his time in the RAF, and I wanted other people the chance to see these. If anybody has any information about the photographs shown or about Allan's' RAF career, please contact me here.

Basic Training in the UK.

Primary Flight Training at Woodward Field, Camden, South Carolina, USA.
(There is a link to a PDF copy of a Booklet called "Goggles" published by the UK Cadets of Class 42B. Note that this contains a personal summary and signature of some of the students in that class.)

Basic Flight Training at Cochran Field, Macon, Georgia, USA.
(There is a link to a PDF copy of a booklet called "Cochran Control" published by the UK Cadets of Class 42A (not Allans' Class). Note that this contains photographs of all the UK Cadets in that class.)

Advanced Flight Training at Craig Field, Selma, Alabama, USA.
(There are links to view PDF copies of Allans' Flying Diploma from Craig Field, and his Fixed Gunnery Diploma from Eglin Field, Florida.)

Operational Training in the UK.

Operational Service as a Ferry Pilot in India, Ceylon and Burma.

Demobilization in the UK.

Aircraft Flown during his RAF career.
Aircraft Seen in India and Ceylon
Postcards from Bombay showing some of the sights of Bombay
Unspecified Photographs probably taken in India, but not certain. Any information would be welcome.